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Oil Boilers – Installations, Replacement & Services

Oil Boilers while not as popular in use as they once were, still require regular maintenance and care. Something we do here at WD Heating and Plumbing. The benefits of oil boilers for your home, especially in areas that cannot connect to Gas Network cannot be understated. It’s important to know a little bit about your oil boilers, there benefits a what WD Heating and Plumbing can do for you.

How Oil Boilers Work

Oil boilers aren’t exactly more eco-friendly as, say, gas boilers. However, they are much more efficient, and this tends to counterbalance any advantages that other boilers may have.

Oil is stored in an external oil supply storage tank, is heated to produce enough energy to heat up cold water from the home’s main water supply or the storage tank. The boiler then pumps the heated water through radiators within the home’s central heating system to the taps or designated outlets where hot water is needed.

While this process sounds simple enough, any and all heating and plumbing systems are prone to failure and damage. That’s where WD heating and plumbing come in. We take care of any issues you may have with your network.

We also provide quality installation and testing services on all homes and business, new or old.

The Benefits of Oil Boilers

The Benefits of Oil Boilers

Oil is generally a more efficient source of fuel than gas and therefore, using an oil burner often balances whatever cost benefits you may accrue from using gas burners. Oil burners are typically more economical to run as compared to electric boilers which may be considered more eco-friendly but have significantly higher running costs.

The fact that oil burners provide an on-demand source of heating and hot water helps to cut down on the fuel and total amount of energy output in a home. Therefore, oil boilers would be especially ideal for homes not connected to or not located near gas networks.

While we service the Dublin area, we are happy to visit all areas within reason.

Types of Oil Boilers

Oil boilers come in three types:

Combi Oil Boilers

They provide hot water and heating from a single source and generally come with the all-important immersion.

Heat Only Oil Boilers

Heat Only Oil Boilers

They work with hot water cylinders and can work on either sealed or open vented systems. However, heat only boilers only work on open vented systems while all other boilers mostly work on sealed systems.

System Oil Boilers

They are similar to heat only boilers, but they only work on sealed systems. They contain additional components that are connected to the boiler such as a circulating pump and an expansion vessel.

However, most of the boiler components are located within the main boiler, which means that even though you would require a hot water cylinder, you would not require dedicated external water tanks.



The cost of replacement or repair of your boiler and heating system all depends on the type of boiler you have and age. In some cases, repairs are possible but for older models, those without hardened installation, replacement may be your only option.

Such large initial costs are offset by the savings you will make on energy and fuel bills.

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